Waffenfabrik Bern (English: Weapon Factory Bern), also known as W+F Bern, was an arms manufacturer in Bern, Switzerland, which was a government-owned corporation. On December 20, 1866 the Swiss committed themselves to adopting a repeating rifle to arm their armed forces. At the time no suitable design existed. The task of designing the rifle was left to designer Friedrich Vetterli, who had joined the Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft Waffen-Department (SIG) in 1864. Vetterli already been involved in weapon design with the Germans, French, and British, and was strongly influenced by American rifle designs, most notably the Henry Repeating rifle. By 1866, Vetterli had already come up with a single shot, bolt operated rifle. The action was a modified Terry action, designed in England in the early 1850s. 1867 saw the wedding of the bolt action concept to the tube magazine, and 1868 resulted in a spring operated bolt. On February 27, 1868 the Swiss government placed an order for 80,000 Vetterli rifles.

WAFFENFABRIK (W+F) brand is registered and ownwd by TSHSE S.A. fully dedicated to firearms and ammunitions.

TSHSE continues to expand its role in the firearms market with new contracts in the law enforcement market as well as new products for the armed forces. The continues upgrades and developments change reflects the vast worldwide growth in demand for SAFETY & SECURITY products. In response, the company has more than tripled its work force in the past 10 years, invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment, and significantly expanded its engineering base. The name of new department changed into WAFFENFABRIK, coupled with major new product introductions in pistols and rifles i.e. WH4TSHSE, MP20A4, WH12A4, etc. reflects the continued commitment to the high standards of production, service and innovation the TSHSE brand has always represented.

TSHSE global network of companies gives to us a world-class firearms knowledge base, unparalleled design expertise, and extensive manufacturing capacity, enabling the company to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and the needs of its military, law enforcement, and armed forces markets worldwide. Based in Lugano - Ticino - Switzerland since 2012

TSHSE specializes in high-quality pyrotechnic products for military and civil markets and for industry. Activities include developing and manufacturing small-calibre ammunition for hunting and sports as well as armed forces and government agencies. The products are renowned for their ultimate dependability, precision and optimally engineered effect. Environmentally safe disposal of pyrotechnic products also forms part of the service portfolio. TSHSE is the market leader in military ammunition. It manufactures a wide range of small-calibre and special ammunition for armed forces and government agencies. The company also produces a unique lines of lowpollutant, NATO-qualified small-calibre ammunition for security forces. Building on its ammunition expertise, TSHSE develops innovative products such as actuator cartridges for fastening technologies and safety systems in the area of industrial pyrotechnics.

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